What’s Your Story?

Katherine (far left) with Art History Abroad in Venice, April 2019.

Earlier this year, our Founder, Katherine Stievater visited several Gap Year programs in Europe. While with one of these programs, she spent time with a group of Gap Year students in Italy, and had the chance to speak with them over the course of several days about “Why” – why did they choose to take a step off the traditional path, and defer college for a year? This is not an easy choice for some students — as earlier posts have noted, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) is a concern, as well as simply the willingness to be viewed as “different”. The students Katherine spoke with each had their own reasons, and stories.

  • “I didn’t feel like living in the world that I was told to live in – I wanted independence, and to take a break from things.”
  • “I wanted to grow up a bit before college.”
  • “My degree is only 3 years but would have done a gap year anyway!”
  • “I wasn’t ready for college – I have lived in a bubble, and now am understanding different cultures.”
  • “I just didn’t want to go to college right away. I wanted to spend some time doing other things.”
  • “I needed more time to make my college decision – I was sick so didn’t graduate until after everyone else anyway.”
  • “I was completely burned out. I just felt like I couldn’t study anymore and needed a break.”
  • “I have never been apart from my parents. I am a bit of a homebody, and wanted to make sure I was comfortable living apart from my parents.”
  • “I didn’t feel the need to go right to college. I wanted to get some space and experience before university. Where I’m from taking this time is pretty normal.”
  • “Both my parents and my sister took a gap year, so I always knew I wanted to do this – and I love to travel.”

So, what’s your story??

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