UPDATE: Israel Gap Year Programs

by Katherine Stievater, October 13, 2023 After the Hamas terror attack that occurred on October 7, Israel Gap Year programs and families were understandably concerned about the welfare of their

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Gap Year Experiences We Need

Gap Year students, like teens in general, are a study in contrasts. They want more independence, but still need structure. They want less supervision, but still benefit from having some

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Having Second Thoughts?

What we are definitely noticing is that Gap Years are more “normalized” – students are simply not afraid of the idea of taking time off to give themselves time to make sure they are at a college that feels right!

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Gap Years and College Readiness

This particular episode really hit home, because it zeroed right in on the question of college readiness. In particular, “what if I think my teen is not ready for college – could a Gap Year make sense?”

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Discover Gap Years! – Part 3

When I speak with high school audiences, I get asked all the time about how Gap Year planning relates to the college admissions process. This post covers five key points about this question.

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The Danish Gap Year

Jonathan Kyed is 21 years old and on his second Gap Year. He’s also from Denmark, where a remarkable 80% of students take a Gap Year after high school.

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