Katherine, you are an amazing communicator. Everything you said resonated with John. He’s excited to get started planning his gap year. Thank you so much!” (Hugh J. – parent)

“I previously knew nothing about the world of Gap Years, where to get started and how to even begin making a plan. Katherine walked me through all the steps and made some amazing suggestions along the way. When I look back on my year I realize it was physically and emotionally the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But it was transformative and life changing and totally worth it!  Now I am not dreading getting back on the academic cycle. I’m going to start freshman year and I want to kill it!” (Haley N.)

“Your honesty and candor and expertise is invaluable, and we thank you so much for your time!” (Roberta S. – parent)

“When I met up with Katherine at the end of my year, I could not stop smiling. She said that when we met after my Gap Year was over, that I may be a different person. She was right. I am proud of myself. I didn’t think I could accomplish this much and do what I wanted to do. I learned so much about who I am and what my purpose is. Thanks Katherine for believing in me!!” (Mary B.)

“Right from the beginning, Katherine made me feel comfortable and at ease in my decision to take a Gap Year. I liked the questionnaire she had me fill out because it made me sit and just think about what I really wanted to do. Throughout the whole planning process, I was in the driver’s seat, and Katherine was there to help me steer in a direction that felt right to me. I would never have thought about getting a job to help pay for my travels if Katherine had not suggested that. I am now ready and actually excited about going to college and studying again!” (Aneeta R.)

“When my husband, our daughter and I first met with Katherine, we were impressed by her knowledge of the field, but even more struck by her connection with our daughter and interest in her life — past, present, and future. I was surprised how open our daughter was with Katherine; she clearly felt comfortable enough to be completely honest. Our daughter has had the benefit of getting to know a fun “gap year expert”, who has a wealth of information and good ideas pertaining to her exact stage of life. She considers Katherine a gift, and so do we.” (Kristin M. – parent)

Katherine was super helpful in figuring out what I wanted my time off before college to look like, and in what type of work I was interested in investing my time. I really appreciated her desire to understand my personal ambitions, and help structure my time off to meet my goals.” (Ella B.)

“Taking a Gap Year isn’t something I thought of right away. But as I talked to other kids from my high school who took a year off, I started to realize it made a lot of sense for me. Katherine helped me structure my time off, and really showed me some different options that I would never have thought about on my own. I started college with fresh perspective, lots of energy and ideas, and now that I’ve had a break I am ready to study.” (Greg L.)