Gap Year Solutions believes that all students, regardless of income or background, should have the opportunity to explore whether a Gap Year is right for them (see Five Myths of Gap Years).  There are many types of Gap Year experiences. Some teens stay close to home.  Some travel the world.  Some combine work, service and travel.  There is no formula for a “perfect” Gap Year.  However, it is important for students to make thoughtful choices, so their experience helps them grow as citizens, develop their passions, and become better thinkers.

Our goal is to work closely with families to first identify if a Gap Year experience is right for the student.  Once the decision is made to embrace a Gap Year, the fun begins!  (Yes, we believe this unfolding process of helping your student navigate his or her passions, interests and personal growth should be an enjoyable journey!)  We help high school and college students from all over the U.S. navigate the huge variety of Gap Year choices, in order to make the most of this time. Gap Year Solutions works with each student to develop options tailored to the student’s goals, needs and interests.  For example, budget, geography, type of work, service, and language immersion are important considerations in designing a Gap Year experience.  A successful gap year depends on having a well thought out plan.  Let us help get you on the path to a life changing year!

Katherine Stievater, Founder

b2e93087-6c70-49c9-8269-eb20580d1211Katherine founded Gap Year Solutions because she feels strongly that the majority of high school students and some college students can benefit from taking a step off the typical path, and become more self-reliant and confident through REAL WORLD LEARNING.  She is a graduate of Georgetown University, with over ten years experience as an alumni interviewer for prospective students, and was a Buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.  Katherine has four sons, the second oldest of whom just completed a Gap Year before he begins his college experience in the Fall of 2017.  Her oldest son spent his junior year of high school at a Spanish language school in Spain.  Katherine is an Advisory Board Member of the American Gap Association.

There are so many possibilities to consider when planning a Gap Year, and it is easy to become overwhelmed when sifting through the options on your own.  Katherine listens to the needs and interests of each student, and applies her organizational skills, attention to detail and understanding of reputable programs to vet options.  Her real world experience and research with program educators and students who have completed Gap Years make her an ideal choice to advise students considering a Gap Year.

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