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Gap Year Stories During COVID (Part 2)

This week we highlight two students who were able to successfully plan Gap Year travel in the U.S., despite limitations of COVID.

Gap Year Stories During COVID

We recently spoke with several students who told us their stories as they made the best of an unprecedented situation and found ways to stay active, engaged and excited during their Gap Years.

Ripple effect of Gap Year deferrals?

Many families are wondering if it will be harder for this year’s high school seniors to get into college for Fall 2021, because students who took Gap Years this year will be starting college next fall instead of fall 2020.

The numbers are in and Gap Years are up

The data is in – more students are opting for Gap Years this Year. While this may come as no surprise due to the uncertainty that COVID has presented higher education, it is interesting to see the numbers.

Finding the Right Fit for College: A Conversation with Moira McCullough

Gap Year Solutions recently had the opportunity to speak with Moira McCullough, founder of College Scoops. Moira believes so strongly that students need to find the right college fit, including non-academic areas, that she started a company to fill the need!


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