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You may be a great candidate for taking a year off between high school and college, or during college. Experience has shown that 90% of students taking a Gap Year will enroll in a four year college, and be more focused and ready to embrace college learning. 

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By Jeffrey Selingo and Matt Sigelman – Click here for link to Wall Street Journal, 5/20/2023

Podcast #114: Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting (April 11, 2023)

Apple Podcasts: link

Spotify: link link

Click here to read U.S. News article published 1/5/2023

Click here to read Making the Extra Effort, published February 20, 2022

Michael Horn’s The Future of Education Substack has an excellent summary of the drivers of higher education’s costs, which have risen significantly higher than inflation for decades. (This post also covers ChatGPT.)

Click here to read the article posted January 19, 2023

Click here for HerMoney article, August 3, 2022

Click here for article about college student mental health and implications for families and student affairs professionals. From Common Sense substack, August 31, 2022.

US News & World Report – March 2, 2022. Click here for article.

Access the Gap Year Research Consortium at Colorado College website here.

College mental health crisis: despite vaccines and boosters, the swirl of the pandemic rocks students. Click here to read.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be driving dramatic increases in depression and anxiety among college students. Click here to read.

The CDC COVID-19 page provides information about travel during the pandemic.

Click here to read the post: Three Cheers for Internships (Wall Street Journal)

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Click here to read the post: Five Myths of Gap Years (Belmont Citizen-Herald)

Click here to read the post: Colleges Warm to Gap Years (Belmont Citizen-Herald)

Click here to read the post: Motivations and Healthy Decisions in Choosing College with Michael B. Horn (College Admissions Podcast with Mark and Anna – whole podcast is excellent. Gap Years covered 28:30 – 35:30)

Click here to read the post: On Leave: College Wellness, Mental Health And Not Returning To Campus (NPR – on demand audio from 11/27/2018 – specific segment on gap years starts at 33:00)

Click here to read the post: Teen Anxiety Changing Gap Years (Belmont Citizen-Herald)

Click here for Gap Years during a global pandemic article by Katherine.

More and more, U.S. teens are considering their options before jumping right from high school to college. Rather than simply choosing among colleges, many of today’s high school seniors are also beginning to defer the college experience – usually for a year.

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