Six Questions Most Students Ask Before Taking A Gap Year

Photo Credit: GYS student Would I be behind after taking a Gap Year? Absolutely not! We understand that this is a common concern of both students and parents though. One of the ways they express their concern is wondering if missing math or not being “academic” for a year will cause a form of learning “atrophy”.Continue reading “Six Questions Most Students Ask Before Taking A Gap Year”

12 Indispensable Items for Your Travels

Photo Credits: Gap Year Solutions 1. Notebook/Journal. According to the Gap Year Association, a journal can be incredibly useful while you’re on your gap year, and can be a helpful place for processing, documenting, and occasionally venting too. We agree and highly recommend all gappers make this a habit during their year. 2. Hiking Boots.Continue reading “12 Indispensable Items for Your Travels”

How My Gap Year Made Me A Better College Student (And Better Person)

After 13 years of rigorous academics in a very competitive school system, I felt burnout and lacked the motivation to continue on with my studies.  I performed well in the classes I enjoyed, but not so well in others that bored me.   Learning in the classroom was no longer something I enjoyed, it was somethingContinue reading “How My Gap Year Made Me A Better College Student (And Better Person)”

The Best Jobs to Learn Valuable Life Skills

  One of our Gappers, Hanna, working as a barista at Caffe Nero While most people associate a “gap year” with traveling and Instagram-perfect pictures, that’s not always the reality, or the best option for many students. Many of our gappers choose to incorporate some kind of paid or unpaid job during their gap years.Continue reading “The Best Jobs to Learn Valuable Life Skills”