Start Date:

September 7, 2020

End Date:

December 11, 2020

Enroll anytime through October 31, 2020

Fee will be pro-rated based on enrollment date!

All activities are directed and facilitated by Katherine Stievater, Professional Member of IECA, and member of Advisory Board and Standards & Accreditation Committee of national Gap Year Association. Katherine founded Gap Year Solutions to help students transition successfully to college by participating in Real World Learning outside the traditional classroom.

New for fall 2020, a virtual Gap Year experience for students seeking social connection, learning, a way to keep their time structured, and some fun! Click here for flyer.

Weekly Gap Chat

ImagineU students will participate in weekly Zoom sessions that give them an opportunity to share experiences, learnings, ideas, college tips and anything else on their minds. The purpose of this time is to create strong social connection among a cohort of Gap Year students, and help them learn from each other. Katherine inaugurated these sessions with great success with her Spring 2020 students who returned home quickly and unexpectedly from their Gap Year activities due to COVID-19.

  • One-hour sessions moderated by Katherine
  • Safe and easy place for students to share

One on One Coaching

Prior to starting ImagineU, each student will receive a template to help them structure their Gap time, which will include a range of other activities. During these 1:1 sessions, Katherine will check in with the students to ensure that they are staying on track. (Gap Year Solutions students have consistently provided feedback that they appreciate the mentorship Katherine provides during their Gap time.)

  • Ensure each student has a plan for their fall 2020 Gap semester
  • Check in on student’s overall progress
  • Suggest adjustments to Gap Year plan as appropriate and work on Spring 2021 plan (for Gap Year Plan clients)

Online Guest Speaker Series

The goal of the speaker series is to engage students with inspiring talks on interesting topics with interesting people. Some may provide students with career ideas, but mostly these are intended to be fun and engaging, and stimulate the curious mind!

  • One-hour presentations each week during Fall semester (total of 10)
  • Speakers may include an architect talking about “why”, a leading infectious disease doctor talking about pandemic preparedness and a local “green” expert talking about sustainability

Online Skill-Building Workshops

A unique aspect of ImagineU is the variety of learning opportunities created specifically with these students in mind. The skill-building workshops are taught by experts in their field who tailor their delivery to the interests and brains of teens. The goal is for students to focus on some areas of personal and professional development.

  • Possible topics include public speaking and effective presentation skills, personal finance, good decision making, professional etiquette, stress management and wellness, and finding your personal purpose.
  • Workshops vary from 1-2 hours over one or multiple sessions

Being able to connect with other gap year students virtually definitely opened my eyes to so many parts of the world through stories and connections…my gap year definitely prepared and helped me navigate the world, and especially during a hard time like this.

Zach Herman, Gap Year Solutions student, Spring 2020

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