Gap Year Mentoring

Gap Year Solutions offers mentoring services separate from the Gap Year Plan to help students stay on track and get the most out of their Gap time. This is ideal for students who have already selected Gap Year programs or other activities and don’t desire help with planning, but the family believes the student would benefit from one-on-one coaching to ensure they follow and adjust their Gap Year plan appropriately. Gap Year Mentoring is structured as an hourly service, with a minimum number of hours per semester.

Gap Year Mentoring: Details

The Gap Year Mentoring service is intended for those families who have already figured out their student’s plan for the semester or year. While the plan may be decided, the student would benefit from additional support in the form of regular “check-ins”. The purpose of this time is to keep them on track, and regularly revisit their interests and goals to ensure they are making the most of their Gap time.

Gap Year Mentoring includes:

  • Regular check-ins, gentle nudges and focus on key activities to increase likelihood of starting and completing important tasks
  • Teaching the importance of time management and prioritization, and tips such as breaking work into smaller tasks and “taking the first step”
  • Productivity and organizational tools such as spreadsheets, calendars, checklists and templates
  • As appropriate, Gap Year Solutions counselors will offer ideas and specific suggestions to help students add to and adjust their plan

Students will schedule weekly or bi-weekly calls with one of our counselors to check on progress, new developments during their Gap time, and to provide advice and guidance to ensure that they have productive and fulfilling Gap time.

Mentoring is structured as an hourly service, with a minimum number of hours per semester.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about our services, please submit your information here. We will schedule a phone call to get introduced.

Families interested in Gap Year Mentoring should have their student fill out the Gap Year Mentoring Questionnaire. Gap Year Solutions will hold a free meeting to review the student’s Gap Year plan and ensure a good fit between our services and the family’s needs.

We ask all families considering working with Gap Year Solutions to review our Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) as part of this process.

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