My third son just started college, after deciding not to take a Gap Year...At the end of the day, he exemplifies what I hope for all students: full awareness of the Gap Year option and its benefits, and then a thoughtful CHOICE about whether or not to defer the start of college.

Recently, Gap Year Solutions joined three college planning experts to discuss the “new normal” of today’s college landscape, and share tips for high schoolers currently preparing college applications.

Life has certainly been exciting for Gap Year Solutions these last few months! As colleges and universities continued to announce their fall plans, I have had a deluge of students and families inquiring about Gap Years.

Bob Clagett, a leader in the Gap Year movement, talks about the effort to build data on Gap Year outcomes

Let’s give these students the ability to take time to discover who they are, and why they are even going to college.

Whether you’re taking summer classes, doing a summer internship online, or even preparing for virtual learning in the fall, one thing is certain - virtual learning can be disengaging! Here we outline 10 strategies to help you stay engaged during virtual learning.

With the traditional start of first semester Gap Year travel only 3 months away, the plans of Gap Year programs this fall …

Katherine Stievater recently held a virtual talk about the impacts of COVID-19 on Gap Years. Here’s what you need to know

How do colleges welcome Gappers on to campus and help them assimilate into college life

Digging deeper with examples into how U.S. colleges and universities provide specific support for Gappers

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