It's that time of year. It's time to find the silver lining of college rejection. High school seniors by now have heard from all the schools to which they applied. Some are elated. Others are heartbroken that they did not get into their preferred college.

Expert tips from college planning professionals including advice about the application process, considering Gap Years and how to increase success once on campus.

My third son just started college, after deciding not to take a Gap Year...At the end of the day, he exemplifies what I hope for all students: full awareness of the Gap Year option and its benefits, and then a thoughtful CHOICE about whether or not to defer the start of college.

Many of our students travel on their own or with Gap Year programs. So educators and families continue to ask about travel restrictions and changes due to the Delta variant of COVID.

Although taking a Gap Year before college is popular in Europe and almost a rite of passage in the U.K., the practice of taking a Gap Year in the U.S. has been slower to develop.

Gap Years have evolved significantly from their earliest days to embrace many different variations and paths such as internships, volunteerism, learning a trade, cultural exchange programs and athletic endeavors. But just where, and how, did the Gap Year begin?

As we continue to raise awareness and dispel many misconceptions about Gap Years, we thought it would be useful to share more …

A big part of the mission of Gap Year Solutions is to raise awareness of Gap Years and help understand the many benefits of taking Gap time. So we thought it would be useful to provide answers to some of the questions we commonly hear during our educational webinars.

We want to make sure that students planning a Gap Year understand how to successfully receive a “yes” for their deferral request!

During this spring season, I am filled with hope, especially as I see the number of COVID vaccinations increase and infections decline significantly from highs earlier this year. I am optimistic about what is ahead in the Gap Year world, and want to share a few of the things I’m thinking about.

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