College Admissions and Gap Years Amidst COVID

On Tuesday April 28th, Gap Year Solutions co-hosted a webinar with McMillan Education, which has been a leader in the educational consulting industry for over sixty years. Don McMillan, CEO, summarized advice for juniors and underclassmen as they prepare their candidacy. (Hint: juniors should be working on college apps now!)

Katherine Stievater, Founder of Gap Year Solutions, outlined options for seniors considering a Gap Year. She is constantly being asked what the Fall will look like for Gap Year students. She covered this in detail, including possible scenarios for Fall 2020 and previewed ImagineU, a structured set of activities for Gap Year students assuming that the economy is recovering slowly and travel remains limited.

Click here to watch the webinar recording.

Here is a timestamp breakdown by topic.

04:00  College Advice Starts

13:40  Registering for Virtual Info Session and Tours

15:00  Review of Main Slides: Flip Spring (Tests, Visits) and Summer Tasks (Common App, Research)

15:20  Recs, Essays and Demonstrated Interest Trump Pass/Fail Grades and Testing this Year

19:40  How to Ask for Deferrals and Gap Years

21:00  Gap Year Advice Starts

22:30  Role of a Gap Year Advisor

23:00  What is a Gap Year?

25:25  How are Gap Years Structured?

31:40  Scenarios for Fall 2020

42:20  ImagineU Gap Year Virtual Activities

46:00  Q & A begins